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About Us

About Us

A few years ago, sitting around a table with drinks in hand, our owners found themselves reminiscing about their childhoods. From Candyland and pizza rolls to the local arcade and He-Man, they all fondly remembered the joy that came with being a child with a pocket full of quarters in the 80’s and early 90’s. One conversation turned into many and they realized that this was going somewhere. The South Bay was lacking that nostalgic outlet that the owners wanted and they saw an opportunity in that.

Each owner had a specialty that they contributed to the overall concept. Our chef, David put all his creativity and passion into creating LvL Up’s menu of high-end pub fare. Josh, our mastermind of mixology created our incredibly popular themed cocktails that LvL Up has become known for. Jeffrey found his niche in financial management and the nuances of business that come with opening a Gastropub. Jason put his small-business expertise to use and focused on marketing and creating a high-end website design. Ron, with previous restaurant management experience, took over control of restaurant operations and put all his time into making sure everything flowed smoothly. The owners paired up with a couple of video game historians and collectors to source our vast collection of over 25 classic arcade games and pinball machines and the rest, as they say, is history!

LvL Up celebrated its Grand Opening May the 4th, 2018 with one goal in mind: bringing the same nostalgic experience that inspired the owners to the South Bay community. Patrons will feel transported back to all the best parts of 80’s and early 90’s childhood entertainment when they step into our Gastropub decorated with retro pixelated arcade themed wall art. Classic board games such as Candyland and Sorry are available on our board game shelves for your initial trip down memory lane. Relish in that unbreaking determination felt when trying to beat the high score in your favorite classic arcade game or pinball machine. Coming in with a large group? What better bonding experience than some friendly competition on our 4-Player Pac-Man or our 2-10 player Killer Queen? Winner buys a round of drinks!